10 May 2008

So who are you really?

I don't know who i'm talking to. i am unsure what i'm doing by typing away.

After looking at my past entries (as few i have), i'm struck by one blaring commonality--
I only did them when i was at a loss for something 'productive'.

After consideration i realized i don't know you.

Therefore i don't have any sense who i am talking to.

Maybe that's what's missing from these 'blogs'. (i really hate that word, is that really the official name?)

A sense of with whom i am conversing.

Is it the teachers who have completed the grading of the contents?
But will they still come?

Is it my fellow students who i have strived to disassociate myself from?
But have they ever come?

Will it be random users who happen upon this page?
But they are only drawn in by the first flashy content visible.

Whoever you are what ever you think of me this is my waste, my ultimate procrastination.

In the span between entries do you care what i am doing?

Do you care about me?

Whoever you are know that in the span between entries i am working or thinking or writing...

I am producing,

I am creating something that will benefit me

Whoever you are know that what isn't said here is funneled into something wonderful

And i will try and remember that too.